No Judging Allowed


Experience the journey of an imperfect person with a plethora of imperfect moments. A voyage rich with mountain top experiences and valley lows; full of laughter, tears, disappointments and countless triumphal moments. Explore these moments through an assemblage of poems, short stories and everyday life experiences, which I refer to as the journey.


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No Judging Allowed is probably not for you, if you can answer yes to one or more of the following statements:


you have it all together

you, the kids, the dog, the hubby or wife are all perfect

you have a personal relationship with God and he’s never shown you one single icky thing about yourself which warrants a change

you’ve been a saved born again Christian since birth and have never made a mistake

you wear a halo everyday as part of your attire

you have a halo in every color

you were THAT person who could cast the first stone – you were just too humble to mention it when Jesus asked

On Funding And Stocks

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There isn't a whole lot of ways to get involved with the financial industry either, but there are a few focal points that must be addressed. For one thing, it’s really not for the weak of heart. For another, anyone who works for it can succeed in the end.

Where You Should Buy Instagram Followers

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There is one thing that you can always trust to be true about reviews regardless of who wrote them. They will always say more about the reviewers than the ones they are reviewing. This is helpful in identifying which is which so that you know who is relatable.




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